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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Just Mix... Don't match! For sure the theme for Summer 2017.

It's about time to leave some trends behind. For example the drop-crotch pants, see-through clothes, acid-wash jeans, babydoll dresses, romantic lingerie as outerwear, clean classic sneakers, skinny jeans, asymmetrical skirts, corsets and waist trainers, maxi shirts and suede skirts. Some might disagree but honestly aren't we all a bit tired of these by now?

Instead, I would recomend to invest in off-the-shoulder tops, platform sneakers, artistically inspired prints, shirtdresses, relaxed/loose pants, waist belts, stripes and stripes and more stripes, jeans (but not skinny), mules, pink clothes, athletic-inspired pieces and lace-up tops. There's a new season coming so it's time to detox your wardrobe and run to the stores in pursuit of new things.

Be conscious about your purchases, though. As I mentioned previously, instead of buying ten shirts of bad quality just stick to one that is going to last longer and make you happier. If you can, get something green... The Pantone colour of the year 2017.

On thing you should definitely start investing in is: Accessories! The new season will see pink replacing camel, micro bags, and phone cases as the new it-bags, platforms taking over stan smiths, slogans following logos... Even crocks will be making a come back.

People are definitely changing their habits, as a result of having a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. These choices not only affect what we eat but also what we wear. Instead of high heels, we are now choosing platforms, slippers, and sneakers, chic sportswear clothing, flared trousers instead of skinny jeans, hoodies, oversized blazers, loose pants, etc.

Here're some of the key items from the catwalks:

Bags with different shapes and purposes

Not so warm boots

Platforms and open-toe slippers

The new micro-bags...

Not matching jewelry.

Glasses inspired by the 90's.

Oversized bags. Unfortunately not a trend for petites...

Gloves and socks in different colours.

Photos from: // Indigitial / tv

Which Fast Fashion does it better?

Zara does research like a badass! My favourite store this season!

Kurt Geiger gives you good quality pieces.

Aldo keeps it classic

Love the options from Topshop!

Calzedonia has some cool socks! Get some fishnet tights - the new biggest trend on Instagram

IvyRevel is great! Do check this online store!

Reiss is a bit expensive but items have really good quality

Mules, slippers, trendy shoes and sneakers... Office

Kick Pleat has great minimal pieces

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