Jeans for Autumn 2016

Sunday, November 06, 2016

It's that time of the year again. No, not Christmas - not quite yet - it's Autumn! It's time for all those cosy nice coats to leave those dark places where they were kept during summer, it's time to cover our necks with beautifully printed warm scarves, it's time to go for a romantic walk in the park watching the leaves falling on our shoulders... it's just the most wonderful time of the year - after Christmas obviously!

So have you thought about what you are going to wear this season? Obviously yes. The stores are already giving all the hints. The focus will obviously be the 70s, mixing jeans, poppies, and velvet (thank God it's not bombazine), studded ankle boots, metallics, shiny shoes, a new trophy dress with floral jacquards (reminding old tapestry)... I am loving all these trends and I can't wait to share my faves with you.

Lets start with jeans - as that's what this post is mainly about! Who doesn't love a good and comfy pair of jeans?! Here's what I picked for myself having in count I am just 1.51m (4 foot 9 I think... anyway extra extra petite).

I guess you've noticed by now that the skinny jeans are dead. Yes, that's true! Your mum's Levi's (stonewashed, high-waisted and baggy) are now trendiest than your super sexy tight pair of jeans. My mum always said that they would be back one day... and here they are. After so many years trying to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans, now it's time for flare and baggy once again. Oh well... at least they are comfortable. However the proportions somehow feel all wrong and as a tiny little person, it's a hard task to find the perfect style - I don't wanna look like a fat dwarf. The trick is to pair it with nice heeled ankle boots or platform sneakers.

Besides Stella, I found really great jeans at Levi's, Monki, Miss Selfridge (Topshop) and Marques Almeida (the Portuguese London-based brand that revolutionised the denim in their latest collections). The truth is that the way we shop have completely changed, we no longer want to stick to just one type of jeans, we want to build up our wardrobe with different shapes, cuts, washes, and finishes. And that is great!

Now you are probably asking... what type of jeans should I wear then? Well I'll leave you with a list of the trendiest for this season:

Mum jeans

High waisted, cropped, thick fabric and straight - reminding the Levis 501.

Use it with: a top, shirt, polo neck, just make sure you show your waist.

Boyfriend jeans

Straight leg, loose and turned-up (showing the ankles) - exactly the opposite of the skinny jeans. 

Use it with: a jumper or a shirt, pair it with a blazer or a classic mid-length coat.

Flare jeans (especially cropped)

Flare or bootcut jeans cropped above the ankle.

Use it with: a pair of heeled sock/patent boots or sandals if it's warm. You can wear it with sneakers but if you are tiny like me go for platform sneakers.

Straight vintage jeans

High waisted, cropped, very similar to mum's jeans without sheaths and a bit deconstructed.

Use it with: something simple, leave the jeans to stand out! Maybe a bomber jacket...

With love,

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