Summer Sandals and Pompoms

Friday, July 08, 2016

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Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I have last written on the blog. I know... as always, the worst blogger on earth. I have been so busy lately with work, changing house, new projects... It feels like I am in an never ending story! It's tough when you want to do so much and by the end of the day and you haven't managed to achieve everything you planned in the morning. I have been working on a new website where I can showcase my fashion collections.

So... about today's post. Have you been checking the weather lately dear Londoners? Besides 2 or 3 rainy days, it has been such a warm and lovely weather! It's time to leave the boots at home and get the newest sandals. Trends? Go for colour and pompoms if you are not afraid to stand out!

Here's some gorgeous flat sandals that I selected for you:

Cute, colourful and comfortable. Those are the 3 c's that you should expect for these type of sandals. And fun... lots of fun!

 What about heels? For a night out or even a formal meeting in the office.

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With love,

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