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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hey, I am moving!

Oh yes, it is true! I am going to a new apartment with my super boyfriend.

You know... the whole packing thing is nothing like sex and city, where Carrie simply dresses up everything she has in her closet with her friends saying yes or no while drinking a bottle of champagne. It's much more like chaos and sweat. Well, at least for the middle class!

The good part is the decoration! And I have already been checking a few stores...

My favourite furniture and decoration website is - for the ones who know it I am sure you'll agree with me. With minimal Scandinavian influence, is a place where you can find amazing design furniture and soft furnishings for your home.

Beautiful ideas for the living room (I am so going for yellow and grey!):

The most creative storage you've ever seen:

Outdoor (I won't have a garden, unfortunately):

Bedroom dream:

Visit the website and get amazed! I am going to keep packing - see you soon!

With love,

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