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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Hi guys,

I know I always write about trends for woman however this post is going to present trends especially for men. Spring season is just around the corner, so as sales are about to end it's time to think about the newest collections.

For spring/summer 2015 the biggest trends are: statement stripes, floral prints (70s inspiration), denim, structured silhouettes, suede and fringes, lace and hippie glamour (yes, I mean glamour). Besides suede, we'll also see jackets and coats in leather or breezy wool with coating. The main colours will be the red - especially for men - and also violet, yellow, blue marine and aqua green.

The stripes can be used in almost everything from suits to shirts and accessories. I think this is going to be the biggest trend this spring. But be careful, stripes can be tricky depending on the type of body you have! Horizontal stripes tend to make you look bigger so if you're not that skinny maybe try vertical stripes.

Floral prints are here to stay for a while. Inspired by the 70s and Woodstock festival this trend is going to be one of the biggest as well. You can wear a printed shirt with a suede jacket and plain chinos. Just make sure that your shirt will be the focus of your outfit. Make the rest very simple so the shirt can stand out! Wear this print also in accessories like hats, ties, socks and even swimming shorts.

Layer upon layer, denim will be bold this spring. Use it with stripes, flowers... the blues are on winning form. Go for blue tailoring, shirts, jeans and especially jackets. Go for denim and red, it's a great combination and red is always a great colour, if you don't wear it from top to bottom. Vibrant like the blood that runs in your veins, that's the type of red you'll see the next season.

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